Community Involvement

We Support The Arts

The Tyler and Possa Law Firm is a proud and strong supporter of local artists and the Baton Rouge art community as a whole. We firmly believe that our local artists play an critical role in the broadening of young minds, encouragement of self-expression, and maybe more importantly the sharing, teaching, and perpetuation of the rich Louisiana history, tradition, culture and way of life. We’re so proud of our local artists that we are honored to share their work on the very walls of our Baton Rouge office. If you’re in the area, stop by and enjoy. Additionally, we host art shows at our offices to spotlight and display these talented individuals and help to encourage not only their growth but the growth of the entire Baton Rouge art scene. Please check our website or the Tyler and Possa Facebook page to find out when the next artist’s spotlight will take place.

See below for some of the local artists that Tyler and Possa supports/has supported as well as links to their websites. We encourage you to visit and patronize these artists.

View a photo gallery containing photos of our Baton Rouge office and featuring works from various local artists: